Since our inception in 2003, PermaCity has maintained steady growth through our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our company is made up of technical personnel with more than 20 years of experience in the solar energy industry. Our staff of electrical, mechanical, automation and controls engineers enables us to offer clients expanded engineering services for more complex projects. Because of the depth of our capabilities, we can offer premier turnkey project delivery.


PermaCity is an innovative leader in specialized energy solutions. Since our inception, we’ve remained 100% committed to solar innovations and execution. Our growth is based on a long, successful track record with multiple big-box stores and industrial projects as well as the strong relationships we have forged with clients such as Forever 21, Cathay Bank, Samsung and Costco. Because we’re solar specialists, we understand exactly how to strategically develop and seamlessly execute solar installation projects that deliver ROI for your business.


Our projects are known for system longevity, high performance, and architectural aesthetics. We achieve this through the faithful application of our unique management and implementation systems that combine safety, quality and performance into your solar solution. Our Six Sigma approach to executing solar allows us to offer best-of-class results, including highest value-for-money spent for our customers.


Above all, however, PermaCity has a passion for solar. We love when our clients see the immediate benefits of energy cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. For us solar isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life.

Both of his passions are extremely technical and pushing the technical limits safely brings huge paybacks to all parties involved. This is why in 2003 he founded PermaCity Corporation, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the place where he was born. The Company name comes from his graduate thesis completed in 1993 and since that time it has been an exciting ride. The PermaCity Theory actually economically modeled a hypothetical sustainable city and the results showed a surplus economy. His knowledge and experience in the big picture coupled with a natural engineering ability saves companies millions of dollars. Its all about saving money, saving waste, saving energy, and saving the planet from an overheated culture centered around excessive fossil fuel and water use. Solve these two problems in a positive way and the children of tomorrow have a chance: reverse global warming and ocean acidification.

Most of PermaCity customers enjoy five years or less paybacks but thanks to great engineering and product selection many have 30-50 year design life. And that’s just it, his projects and ability to design make his customers wealthier while rolling back their heavy foot print on the Earths threatened ecology. He has other patents issued or filed too including (patent 7,812,247) called Flexible photovoltaic array with integrated wiring and control circuitry, and associated methods co-invented with Ascent Solar to wire the future of roll to roll allowing for 1,600 foot long modules. We should be seeing use of this technology in about two years.

Mr. Port holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development from Auckland University in New Zealand and a Bachelor of Science degree in City and Regional Planning from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

All things start simple and move to changing our quality of life. The auto started as a motorized horseless carriage and now has trillions of dollars in infrastructure.  Solar started as simple power to offset building use but will ultimately power everything, including vehicles.

Our children will live in a Los Angeles were 60 percent of our power comes from solar generated locally, and the remainder off site solar, wind and hydro.  Our power use will increase as vehicles move to electric.  Boundaries on electric vehicles will cease to exist.

Electric vehicle guide ways offer three dimensional personal, semi-public, and public transportation moving at fast speeds and high safety.  Travel from Century City to Sherman Oaks will take ten minutes and not deplete any electric from the vehicle.  As the infrastructure grows, travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in your personal electric vehicle will take only two and one half hour with a full electric range in your vehicle still available.  Vehicles will charge and discharge from the guide way with out touching it using magnetic induction charging technology that will be standard in all vehicles.

Along with the new mode of transportation delivers to our utility company the ability to modulate our grid.  For the LADWP this is presently about a $2B or the $5B in annual electric revenues, but this will grow.  LADWP will no longer be consumed with generation but with managing grid resources using their control of the grid, hydro-electric resources and other on-demand peaking technologies, and by charging and discharging the millions of electric vehicles operating in the City.  Think about it, every electric vehicle stores enough power for most homes making it the ideal storage device.  When you blend the electric vehicle with the electric vehicle guide way the real benefits of a solar powered city are realized.

One word – exciting!

Jonathan Port, CEO


Los Angeles Architectural Awards 2011 Cathay Bank Headquarters (478 kW DC, El Monte, CA)

The project is a solar power system which was composed of four identical solar carport structures in the Cathay Bank headquarters building parking lot. The carport provides shade for parked cars, as well as power for the entire building. The project is also aesthetically pleasing because of added fascia, hidden conduit, underground junction boxes and other components that typically give solar carports a more industrial appearance.


PermaCity founder Jonathan Port has a number of patents issued including: solar panel mounting systems, flexible photovoltaic arrays with integrated wiring and control, solar collecting carports, and strap mounts for solar panels. The SolarStrap™ is trademarked and has four more patent pending protecting its IP. Infringement or impersonation of PermaCity, its technologies, project success, is strictly enforced. Buyers or solar projects using PermaCity technologies such as SolarStrap™ should beware to make sure they are only from authorized vendors. Buying from unauthorized vendors could result in IP infringement and liability to PermaCity for payments. The SolarStrap™ is proprietary to PermaCity and its authorized distributors and it was never seen in solar prior to PermaCity’s introduction. The public is advised to be careful of impersonators.

Los Angeles Green Business

PermaCity  is  certified  as  a  Green  Business  by  the  City of LA Green Business. This recognition signifies that we are conducting  our  business  using  strategies  aimed  at  improving  employee wellness and productivity, energy savings, water efficiency, resource stewardship and reducing CO2 emissions. This  seal  shows  our  commitment  to  incorporating  sustainable  practices at every level of our operations as we continue striving to reduce  our  impact  on  the  environment  through  sustainable  practices  and source reduction initiatives. We take pride in being part of the growing green business community of Los Angeles as well as the California Green Business Network.

Learn more about all the program benefits www.greenbizla.org